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SWOT Analysis of Holiday Inn

Strengths | Weaknesses |

Market position: Holiday Inn is the largest hotel chain which offers the exceptional value service in more than 80 countries of the world with more than 1900 resorts worldwide. Holiday Inns are located in the most tourism cities and in some cities Holiday Inn has the monopoly of local hotel industry.Quality of service: Holiday Inn has better services than the other hotels with the same level of price and the price of room can be lower than the hotels with the same level of services.Enterprise culture: Holiday inn has built up its own enterprise culture. Management: Holiday Inn have a properly information system which leads to the synchronization of data among each sub branches. | Business structure: Types of business structure are complicated. In addition, Liquidity of Inn business is not enough for operation in tourist off-season.Human recourses: The employees of Holiday Inn are under intensive training to ensure the high level of services. In this condition, the turnovers have frequently happened. The outflow of talent is serious.Brand effect: Holiday Inn has a great brand effect but it still cannot be compare with the traditional upscale brands such as Sheraton and Hilton. |

Opportunities | Threats |

National economic growth: The real GDP per capita is growing continuously. Infrastructure: With the new technology development, the facilities of Holiday Inn can be substantially further upgraded.Differentiated service: the Quality of services of Holiday Inn can be upgraded by differentiated service. | New entrants: With the success of the Holiday Inn business model, more funds are entered the markets as a business investment. In the market with scarcity, new entrants will dilute the profit of Holiday Inn.Quantity and scale: The quantity and scale of Holiday Inn have developed rapidly, which leads to a difficulty of management.Major consumer groups: the purchase power of the major consumer groups have...