Demographic Paper of Breast Cancer

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Demographic of Breast Cancer

In 2010, the estimated of 207,090 women will diagnosed and about 49,840 will die per year in the United States of breast cancer. During 2000, approximately 183,900 new cases of American women were diagnosed. After the 1980s, the breast cancer rate increase to 4 percent per year that leveled off in the 1990s to have 110 new cases per 100,000 a year. Breast Cancer is the second most common diagnosed and death find in women. This illness became effective not only to the women physical health conditions but the economy conditions as well. The cost for breast cancer treatments has impacted patients and their financially. The economy impact for breast cancer has suffer economic long-term hardship because of job lose and depleting savings accounts. In this paper discuss the demographic of breast cancer and its effects.

What is breast cancer? Breast cancer is known to be a malignant tumor that is develop of cells in the breast. Malignant tumor is a group of rapidly reproducing, abnormal cells in the breast area in either men or women. The earliest stages develop changes in the breast milk ductal system. The two main forms of cancer are known as Invasive Ductal Carcinoma (IDC) - when cancer starts with the milk passage way. Invasive Lobular Carcinoma (ILC) - when cancer starts in the milk produce glands. Ductal Carcinoma in situ (DCIS) – which is called noninvasive breast cancer; means abnormal cells in the breast that not spread through the breast. Researchers have found ways people can be at risk factors which can develop breast cancer. These facts can include increases the risk of breast cancer that cannot be control such as: obesity, radiation, alcohol, older child birth, postmenopausal, being a female, family history, and increasing age. There is a chance that breast cancer can be the combination of genetics that may have history of cancers.

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