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From its launch in 1990, ODEL PLC has evolved from a one-woman business to a well established corporate that currently employs more than 430 individuals, dealing with more than 1000 global and local suppliers and working with at least 200 factories locally. This combined powerhouse provides a dynamic range of incredible products. 

Every item is carefully selected by a team of discerning merchandisers who take into account the requirements and tastes of ODEL customers alongside the trends and fashions of the day! Incorporated into all choices and decisions is the simple philosophy that drives ODEL - to present the highest quality products and services at affordable prices, supported by a team of superior customer service advocates. 

As the only department store in Sri Lanka and a key shopping destination for tourists, ODEL takes the lead in creating a shopping experience rather than just a venue for shopping. This is delivered by ensuring that staff is consistently helpful, friendly and well-informed, product ranges are constantly evolving and that there is a wide range of partner concessions and delicious food outlets to add to the whole experience that is ODEL. 

Another key area of the vision of ODEL has been the dedicated approach to Corporate Social Responsibility. Its key objectives include raising awareness of environmental issues and implementing programs and projects to address these. The advent of Embark has seen a huge movement towards this target while there are many more plans in the pipeline.


ODEL has clothing products for especially for the kids, youth and the middle-aged, and do not cater much to the elderly, but it has other household products which draw tourist attention as well. Tourists comprise a significant percentage of ODEL’s customers, and this percentage is higher than any other clothing boutique in Sri Lanka. 4-5 years ago, there was a perception that ODEL customers were only the well-to-do high class of...