Finagle a Bagel Marketing

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Finagle A Bagel Assignment

Prepared By: Kendra Wukelich

MT219 Marketing

Instructor: Lauri Harrison, MS in Marketing

Kaplan University

Unit 2 Finagle A Bagel Assignment

January 16, 2010

Finagle A Bagel’s marketing mix is catered to their customers.  They provide quality, fresh food at an affordable price.  They provide fresh bagels, coffee, salads and sandwiches made to the taste of each individual costumer.  The company believes in gaining trust and developing relationships with their costumers, which encourages repeated business. They also offer promotions by through their frequent reward cards so customers can gain points for every dollar that they spend in their store. Once they have gained enough points they can cash them in for merchandise. I also think that they have developed their business in an ideal location. There was a Friendly’s restaurant in that building before them so it is familiar and in a busy part of town, near an intersection. This store also pays attention to what items are currently popular to increase sales. Once a new idea is presented, everyone jumps on the bandwagon. This is extremely important to a business because they want to make sure they have enough of that particular item in stock for selling. If they do not have product available then they have the chance of losing that customer indefinitely. They also targeted their afternoon crowd with offering a variety of other items on their menu, such as pizza bagels, flatbread, and salads.

The external microenvironment consists of all the outside institutions and forces that have an impact on a business’s ability to achieve its goals. Competitive, economic, technological, political, legal, demographic, cultural, and ecosystem are all examples. However, noncontrollable these forces require action in order to keep businesses successful. Many people have the mindset that bagels are a breakfast food, if they are not aware of what other types of food they offer people...