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Management Posture for Successful Team Merger 1

Management Posture for Successful Team Merger: Memo

Management Posture for Successful Team Merger: Memo

Company Memo

Marcus J. Compton

University of Phoenix

Dr. Williams

Management Posture for Successful Team Merger 2


To: Tran Nguyen, South Region Manager Maggie Hernandez, North/West Region Manager James Williams, East Region Manager

From: Marcus Compton, Regional Sales Supervisor

Date: July 15, 2010

Subject: Management posture for a successful team merger.

I am writing to express the importance of practices and behavior that promote and reinforce a positive team work environment. In creating any structural inhabitance there are first permits or rules that are set to insure that the structure is properly built. The proper building of a structure causes the team of workers to have a set of rules and regulations to insure that structural guidelines are met. When there is not a strong set of guidelines or rules, it can open doors for costly mistakes to be made or deadlines to be missed. Strong structure is needed in a group consisting of different ideas and values. Having a diverse and strong manager in place gives structure as to the importance of finishing ones part.

Managing strategically means making decisions and implementing strategies that allow an organization to develop and maintain competitive advantage. The role of a manager is one that is looked upon by all who directly and indirectly are connected. The influence that you as a manager have on your team can promote a positive environment for growth or birth a stagnate place in which growth and progression is none existent. Your behavior and influence as manager can affect productivity in many ways. One of the greatest examples is if the level of trust is lost. There should always be a level of integrity that permeates from you as a leader. I have experienced the demise...