Examine the Reasons for the Changes in Divorce Rates Since the 1960s.

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Examine the reasons for the changes in divorce rates since the 1960s.

Even though there has been an increase in divorce rate, the number of divorces has actually gone down since the 1960’s this due to a numerous amount of reasons such as: changes in laws, secularisation, raising expectations of marriage, increase in individualism, it’s cheaper to get divorced, there’s less stigma attached and there’s also an increased amount of life expectancy. All these factors have made a major impact on divorce rates as the rate was 27,000 in the UK in the year of 1961, this figure shot up to 167,000 in 2005.

Firstly I’ll consider the concept of secularisation, since the 1960’s society has moved further away from religion, we now get a lot more agnostic or people that aren’t scared to admit that their atheist. The fact that less people are turning to their holy place of worship like the Mosque or Church and the holy scriptures; the Bible or the Qur’an means that they are no long finding and following the teaching within it. If we look at Christians as an example they would read the Bible to find that divorce is wrong, when their marriage is on the verge of breaking down, however as people are moving away from religion they ignore these teachings and do what they feel is right; leading to an increase in divorce rates.

Secondly another reason why the divorce rate has increased since the 1960’s is the changing social values, as there is now a substantially less amount of social stigma, as well as blame attached to divorce. Divorce is no longer frowned upon, or seen as really negative thing as it may have done 50 or more years ago. It is now a lot more socially acceptable for a couple’s marriage to end in divorce, meaning people now think less when getting married as they see divorce as there route out if things are to wrong. Wilson argued that the reduction in stigma is closely related to secularisation, as the reduction in social stigma is a result of secularisation. As...