Critical Thinking Application

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Critical Thinking Application

Tamisa Barrow

University of Phoenix


Critical thinking is assumed to be the purposeful and reflective judgment about what to believe or what to do in response to observation, experience, verbal or written expressions, or arguments (Greengard, 2009). This paper will further define critical thinking and given an example of applying critical thinking in the workplace, and express the importance and benefits of using critical thinking in a decision-making process.

Thinking is an action that comes naturally to society. Critical thinking focuses more on examining a situation from the point of view of each of those who argue their point. It allows one to recognize there is a problem, and to simplify and eliminate unnecessary information to reach a formative conclusion.

Key factors are often in proposing critical thinking. First, one must consider in a non-offensive matter the issues and topic that can reflect one’s knowledge. Second, one should know the methods of logic and reasoning. One should also have acquired the skills necessary to implement these key factors.

The Need for Critical Thinking in the Workplace

Openly encouraging critical thinking within the workplace is a benefit. It will allow employees to be more honest and open to share their thoughts. Implementing critical thinking can provide some benefits in favor of the employee and the employer.

Mind Quality

Certain workplace job duties can be repetitious, and employees unknowingly fall into its hands. By encouraging employees to use critical thinking, companies are helping employee’s frame of mind to stay focused.


Critical thinking within a department encourages communication that leads to employees working together as a team.

Identifying Problems

Identifying a problem is a key step within critical thinking. Identifying problems should be done as quickly as possible to render a solution.

Loyalty or Commitment

Enforcing critical...