Omp 300 Module 1

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OPM300 / Introduction to Operational Management

Professor: Dr. Jose Lopez

OPM300 Module 1 – Case Assignment

Identify how each of the 10 decisions of operations management are applied at Hard Rock Café

Hard Rock Café is a chain of theme restaurants founded in 1971 by Peter Morton and Isaac Tigrett. Shortly after the café began covering its walls with rock ‘n’ roll memorabilia and by 1979 it became a tradition that expanded quickly on to other chains. In 2006, Hard Rock Café was sold to Seminole Tribe of Florida and its largest café and headquarters is now located in Orlando, Florida. Currently, there are 149 Hard Rock locations in 53 countries.

Hard Rock is bringing the concept of the 'experience economy' to its cafe operation. This innovation is somewhat similar to mass customizing in manufacturing. At Hard Rock, the experience concept is not only to offer a custom meal from the menu, but a dining event that includes a distinctive visual and sound experience not replicated anywhere else. Hard Rock Café has had a very high brand recognition percentage throughout the world because of its operations management. Its decisions of operational management consist of Service and Product Design; Quality; Process and Capacity Design; Location; Layout Design; Human Resource; Supply Chain Management; Inventory; Scheduling; Maintenance.

In Service and Product Design Hard Rock gives many amenities from cafes, to hotels to casinos, to live music and to huge Rock fest concerts. They cater their customers by modifying its menu from Classic American foods such as burgers and chicken wings. They also give or design new layouts and memorabilia. . They pride themselves on service quality by conducting surveys on a regular basis based on a scale of 1-7; with 7 being excellent. Anything less than a 7 is considered a failure.

Quality management is an important factor as well in regard to the success of Hard Rock Café. Hard Rock Management and staffs are...