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1.0 Introduction 1

2.0 Conducting Successful Library and Internet Searches 2

3.0 Upholding Academic Honest 4

4.0 Developing Effective Study Skills 6

5.0 Managing Time Wisely 7

6.0 Setting and Achieving Goals 9

7.0 Conclusion 11 8.0 References 12

1.0 Introduction

This Personal Survival Guide is written with the intention of assisting in the organization of finding, using, and compiling information needed to successfully complete assignments for Axia University College.

Section 2 of this guide will walk through the necessary steps needed for Conducting Successful Library and Internet Searches. Specifically it will outline where information is located on papers in regard to authors, date(s) published, peer reviewed articles, article titles, and databases from which information was retrieved.

Once the basic search information is completed the student will need to know the importance of Section 3 - Upholding Academic Honesty. Depending on how dedicated the individual is to accomplishing goals, allowing ample time for completing assignments and understanding the importance of self accomplishment is essential.

With the start of Section 4 the student will learn to Develop Effective Study Skills. In this section, guidelines for understanding how important the information is will be the main focus. The next step will be assigning a timeframe for studying the information, and finally setting up an effective and cohesive schedule that fits into everyday life. Personality assessments will also be discussed in this section.

Managing Time Wisely can be found in Section 5. This being the most important topic, more time will be spent on deciding what needs to be accomplished as compared to what the student would like to accomplish. This section will also go into details about organizing the items previously determined as...