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Body Paragraph’s

The British came to the United States in the 1600s they had control over everything that you can think of how, things where sold by the British government who were in control over our trades with other countries; the British had control of everything and the colonists did not have any say what so ever. The colonists started to get suspicions of the British in 1754-1763 when the British put the sugar act into affect which put a 3 cent tax on foreign refined sugar, banned rum and French wines, and the taxes were raised without consent of the colonist. The colonists didn’t do much about it though; they let it be until 1765 when the British put the stamp act into affect. This meant the anything going through the mail or a letter any type of paper work needed to be done had to have a stamp; this act lead it to be the first direct tax on American colonists. The stamp was basically a British seal and cost money, which lead to the formation of the Sons of liberty who formed because of this act. The Sons of Liberty where a group of American colonists that wanted a change; they didn’t want the British to be in control of everything anymore they wanted to do something about it, but they didn’t know what to do. In the year 1770 the British shot and killed 5 American colonists saying they had weapons; this was called the Boston Massacre this event deepened the mistrust for the British. Three years passed since the Boston Massacre and nothing was done about it until 1773 when the Sons of liberty disguised as Mohawk Indians; Boarded British ships and dumped 342 Crates of British tea into Boston Harbor this event was then called the Boston tea party this was the first major act of defiance from the American Colonists. The opening shots of the American Revolution were fired in the center of Lexington, Massachusetts on the morning of April 19, 1775. One British soldier was wounded, while eight men of Lexington fell dead. This tragic exchange of gunfire...