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Depression, also called the disease of sadness is the mood disorder characterized by mood variations over normal mood oscillations. It is a psychological state having a longer than usual period of time of feeling down in a loss situation. When sometimes depression makes our lives insupportable it is a sign we need treatment. Psychologists are experts in finding the reasons of depression and required treatment. This paper explains depression as a psychological disorder as well as diagnosis and treatment of disorder.

Depression is considered a mental illness, a condition of experiencing profound sadness and an emotional and physical withdrawal from almost all life activities. Sometimes depression is confused with the changes of the mood, and conversely, some mood states are thought to be what is called depression. For instance, some people believe depression is just about mood and a person can easily shake it off. So, how do we distinguish depression from ordinary sadness? Sadness, as well as its brother-feelings such as discouragement, disappointment, hurt, and grief are the conditions that everyone has had in his/her life and not even once. If they are felt for a short period of time they represent just natural emotions. The same life situations that provoke natural emotions can cause deeper and longer lasting periods of sadness, despair, and hopelessness that may last for weeks, months, and even more. This period in a life of a person is what is called depression. What is most sad about it is that depression affects not only the mood, but also thoughts, behavior, and physical state of the body. The sooner the problem is found and recognized by the doctor and the depressed person, the more effective the treatment is. That is why it is important that the disorder is adequately diagnosed and a necessary treatment is applied.

It is necessary to seek the help of a professional before deciding that depression should be clinically...