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Week 5: Diagnose, plan and implement change - Lecture

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Diagnose, Plan, and Implement the Change

OD - The Roots of CM Knowledge | OD Relevance | nStep Models | Kotter’s Eight Step Model | Future Models | Only Two Questions Remain: So What? and Now What? 

In Week 5, we look at the two major streams of ideas which serve as the foundation of change management theory and practice. Here, we differentiate between the diagnostic models covered in Week 3 vs. implementation models covered this week. Be sure to read Chapters 7 and 8 in your text. Note though, this lecture is not a reiteration of the text so be sure to read it as well.

Organization Development, a.k.a OD, (in your readings, Chapter 7) has served as both the philosophical and early methodological method of change management. nStep Change Management (CM) theory (found in Chapter 8) takes classical OD thoughts and processes and applies them more tightly to bottom-line business applications. Some like to call nStep the “checklist” method of change management. Our lecture explores both OD and nStep, and shows how the field has evolved and asks the change practitioner to explore which roots their own change practices are grounded in. We then turn our attention to the practical application of the models and look deeply at the most well-used and well-respected model of them all: John Kotter’s Eight Step Model. We conclude Week 5 in the same way we ended Week 3 - thinking about what value implementation models offer the change process and learning how to apply these models to actual change initiatives.

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OD - The Roots of CM Knowledge | |

The earliest practitioners of change management were deeply rooted in the work of Kurt Lewin. Lewin, a Jewish immigrant who fled Europe during Hitler’s occupation, was affected deeply by his environment. His commitment to democracy, both socially and in the work place, strongly influenced both his work and the...