Research Methods Week 1

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Business Research Methods, Part I

Norma Brown

Deborah Rogers

Temeka Stroud

Ray Williams


Dr. Aysar P. Sussan

August 30, 2010

Business Research Methods, Part I

The goal of this paper is to identify and analyze a research question that applies to Concorde Career Institute. Team C will determine an appropriate research design, describe its characteristics, such as independent and dependent variables, and identify a sample design to use for collecting data to assist management with making a decision to resolve their recent audit findings.

“Concorde Career Institute, Jacksonville campus offers career training programs in the growing healthcare filed. Concorde programs of study are intended to provide students with the knowledge and job skills for positions in their chosen career field.”( its student body consist of 750 students; their financial obligation is met by utilizing Title VI funds (Student Loans and or Pell Grant).

The Department of Education requires every learning institution to apply and refund funds to student accounts in a timely manner. In the event a student does not complete his or her program of study Title VI funds must be returned. To ensure this requirement is being meet semi-annual audits are performed by the Department of Education. Sever measures are taken if results reveal that a organization is not in compliance and in some cases fines are imposed on the organization which will result in loss of revenue.

Business Research Question and Dilemma

The semi-annual audit was performed on student accounts, it was discovered that funds were not refunded correctly and Concorde was fined for not being in compliance due to the numerous errors made during the refund process. The justification for this error was lack of training of the Financial Aid staff. The business research question is how and when does the organization provide training to its staff, fund such training, and remain in compliance.