Individual Assignment; Club It Part 2

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Individual Assignment; Club IT, Part1

By Sandra Roney

August 16, 2010

BI 219

Dr. Hany Saleeb

Individual Assignment; Club IT, Part1

The Club IT will is a, high-energy, theme dance, and nightclub located in Downtown.

The mission of the club is to provide college students and the community with the finest

nightclub experience with quality service with affordable prices. The club has an

atmosphere with high energy, a modern light and sound system that is mixed with an

interactive theme that will give club goers high entertainment value. The objective of the

owners is to start innovative a form of entertainment by remodeling a system that will

have a computer generated instruction alternative. Club IT will have a vocal and music

room for the client that has a need to express their musical talents. The owners of Club

IT have investigated the competition and found that there are few clubs offering the same

product which means they will have the upper hand in this particular market.

The Club IT’s primary clientèle will college students and college aged people in the

community. This demographic will be interested in the Club IT plan to seek out people

from the community who want meet regularly at the club. Club IT’s information

resources include intranet. An Intranet is a network based on the Internet TCP/IP open

standard. An intranet belongs to an organization and is designed to be accessible only by

the organization’s members, employees, or other authorization. The electronic devices

available will help to enhance the client musicians’ career. There will be a state of the art

recording studio. The Club IT...