Kudler Fine Foods Analysis

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Kudler Fine Foods Analysis

University of Phoenix


An analysis of the management was done in the Kudler Fine Foods organization. The president, Kathy Kudler, has been completing tasks that should be delegated to her managers and their staff so she can focus on the tasks of running the organization as a whole. There are several areas of opportunity to restructure the management team and add positions that will adequately serve the needs of the Kathy as well as the organization.

One of the keys to a successful organization are the people who work at the organization. This usually entails a president or chief executive officer (CEO) and several other directors and managers who report to the CEO along with their staff. The CEO generally has to be a visionary, one who can envision the future for the organization and has the means to get the organization to that point. “CEOs are often individualists pursuing their individual agenda…” (Crainer, 2001).

Indeed, Kathy Kudler of Kudler Fine Foods has created a successful gourmet grocery chain based on her own agenda.

After realizing that there weren’t many options to obtain gourmet items in her region of Southern California, she took the plunge and opened her own store. And while building the grocery chain from her own agenda is not a negative thing, it has been hard for Kathy to pull herself out of the small details of running the organization and focus on the higher level managerial tasks required of a president or CEO. Kathy spends an inordinate amount of time checking inventory supplies and occasionally runs the cash register. Kathy even visits each of the three stores, almost on a daily basis. She has become overwhelmed with the small details of daily management and has taken a step out of the CEO role. She hopes to open another location in Southern California in the near future and is also looking at other markets in Northern...