Finacial Economics

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Apply advanced financial or economic analytical methods and models to such processes as valuation of assets, projection of pricing or risk under varying economic scenarios.

The Loss Mitigation Analysis team, in the Business Analysis and Decisions organization, develops models and analytics that guide Fannie Mae's credit loss management activities including loan servicing and underwriting, anti-fraud investigation and property disposition. The Financial Economist provides analytics and modeling support and partners with economists and other researchers in an on-going and ad-hoc basis.


Examine data from segment of housing market in order to perform economic analysis of purchase rates, effects of interest rates, prepayment risk, default risk, or other trends that could affect the products or services of assigned business unit(s).

Examine particular products of assigned business unit and analyze using standard econometric or quantitative models to assess risk, predict future trends.

Contribute to the preparation of periodic analyses or reports regarding operating results used by business unit management to make marketing, pricing, product management or risk management decisions over the short to mid term.

Contribute to the update and maintenance of loan default, prepayment and severity models for the update of business unit products in use in client sites for loan application, credit review, underwriting, and the like.

Perform economic capital analysis, and other financial analysis when necessary, for review by business unit management in order to support strategic or risk management decisions.

Perform ad hoc reports or analyses of various credit, asset performance, risk management or similar data as requested by business unit or client management.


The analysis is data driven using SAS and SQL to access and manipulate large, complex data sources.