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ERP Life Cycle: Implementation and Operation and Maintenance


 Recognize activities that take place in the implementation stage of the ERP life cycle  Be aware of the basics of change management  Differentiate between various ERP implementation strategies  Identify the risks and benefits associated with using consultants during ERP implementations  Recognize issues that must be addressed after go live and during the maintenance stage of the ERP life cycle


In the previous chapter, we examined the first two stages of the ERP life cycle, planning and package selection. Once these stages are complete, a company is ready to bring the selected ERP system into operation. Implementation is where the real work begins and generally takes much longer than the first two stages combined. This stage can take months or even years depending on factors including extent of customization, project scope, amount of resources devoted to the project, and size and complexity of the organization. Once the ERP is implemented, we enter into the operation period in which the organization stabilizes and then into the maintenance stage in which patches, fixes, enhancements, and updates take place. Because of our fast-changing technology landscape, the lifespan of a system typically lasts between five and seven years until a major upgrade is recommended. An understanding of the

Chapter 6: ERP Life Cycle: Implementation and Post Go Live and Maintenance

tasks required and the issues that must be addressed in each of the stages of the ERP life cycle is essential for anyone involved in an ERP initiative. Mismanagement of an ERP project can create financial, legal, operational and reputational risks. However, prudent management of the project can translate into great rewards for the company in terms of reduced costs, increased revenue, and more efficient and effective business processes.

ERP Life Cycle: Implementation

The implementation stage of the ERP...