Decision in Paradise Part 1

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Decisions in Paradise Part I

George E. Barber Jr.


May 3, 2010

Nancy Oni Boston


During the second stage of decisions in paradise part II Kava will be evaluated using the SWOTT analysis method.

island of Kava. Kava has asked the company to come and help by sharing how to become an

effective, efficient, and organizational. The company’s goal is to establish a presence by setting

up operations on the island to start the early planning and development. Chis Morales has

chosen Nik and Alex to start the process.

Background Information

Nik has been working on a lifelong dream of one-day going to a remote island. This island is

what Nik calls paradise. Nik thought that along with his paradise trip that the love of his dreams

would travel with him. With his education completed he has landed his first corporate job.

Everything seemed to be falling in place. Nik received his first assignment with very little

details of what was to be done on arrival. The trip to Kava seemed exciting; however red flags

should have went up when the company failed to provide details of the trip.

The company’s founder Chris Morales has a mission and several reasons for involvement in

An island in the South Pacific called Kava. One of the reasons, is that disasters happen

everywhere and the founder wants to take an opportunity to help in the development of Kava.

Second, when countries natural resources are underdeveloped the United States cannot

benefit from global trade. Third, Kava has asked the company to help in the

development of a country that has economic problems. Kava is also asking for help because they

desire the business culture that Mr. Morales has developed in the company he has. Kava needs

assistance in the areas of organization, human resources, and ethics. Last, Chris believes that “In

the long run, economics drives everything.”

Framing the Problem

The first step in helping Kava is to frame the...