Influences of Hip-Hop to Present

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Influences of Hip-Hop

Over the years, hip-hop and its culture has emerged and grown as one of the most influential forms of music. Despite the attempts to abolish hip-hop its influence on the youth back then and today has kept it alive and well. Hip-hop has spread throughout the world. It is no longer limited to break dancing and rapping, but is now a multi-billion dollar industry that influences everything from cars, clothing, speech, and even ones’ residents.

For example, Pimp My Ride, a popular show in which Rapper “Xzibit” goes to different people houses in California and tricks (repairs) out their broken and wrecked vehicles. In the show, Xzibit and his crew fix people cars that send in request to have their old cars remodeled from inside out giving them new tires with flashy expensive rims, body kits, tints, paint jobs, and electronics. Hip-Hop has greatly influenced what one drives. Now- a- days having 24 inch rims that spin along with loud systems has become an art, so to speak.

Even “old school” cars such as 78 Cadillac’s and Thunderbird’s are being what we call “pimped out”. With candy paint, spinning rims or spokes, and loud radio systems, people transform their ordinary cars into lavish vehicles. In todays’ culture, your car is a huge representation of you. Rappers tend to buy the expensive cars to show how “long” (how much they have) their money is.

Another example of the influence of Hip-hop is how people view their “cribs” (homes). Some rappers have beautiful multi-million dollar mansions surrounded by beautiful scenery. Their homes may contain big swimming pools, garages and may have up to 15 rooms; some even have movie theaters inside.

Style is also greatly influenced by hip-hop. Pioneers such as Run-DMC had everyone sporting Adidas without shoelaces. The urban style of dress has influenced many of the young men all over. Baggy jeans, t-shirts, tennis shoes or boots is now being styled and designed by rappers. Brands...