U.S. Health Care System

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Assignment 1:U.S. Health Care System

Rosalind Williams

Professor Emeka

HSA 500

Health Services Organization

October 27, 2013

Health care system in the U.S.

In 1850 the development of the first hospitals was established to form an organization of health care. In 1900 the era of scientific medicine was introduced. In the period of 1980 there was social and political development in health care. In 1980, to the present the change of health care, a primarily clinically driven system to one that was increasingly economically driven. In 1850 -1900 there were epidemics of acute infections related to food, water, housing, and conditions of life. Williams, & Torrens (2008).

Technology had an effect on the development of the health care system, in it began to expand with new medical innovations. The development of insurance, and programs such as Medicaid was introduced. Increasing awareness of health care as a social and political issue by the public. Technology is one of the forces that have affected the Development of Health Care; it has allowed better diagnosis and knowledge of disease in research and development for researchers. Pharmaceuticals and Information technology are the largest of Technology in the Health Care System.

Technology has helped in developing new medications and devices. It has helped with treatment of diseases such as cancer and Aids. Health Care Technologies has made it better for information to be stored, retrieved, and managed, it has also made it better to communicate. Health Care Technologies has improved medical devices and equipment they play an important role in the way Health care is administered to patients today. Health care technologies is a broad subject and made up of many different sub-groups. Health care technologies has resulted in being more focused, effective, and relevant solutions to medical issues and challenge’s for researchers. Health Care technologies have made a tremendous impact on the development of...