How Personality Effect in Ob?

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How personality effect in OB?

Personality Theory

Course : Organizational Behaviour

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Dr. Nasreen Wadud

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Front Matter 2-5

Preface 2

Learning Objectives 3

Scope of the Project 3

Methodology 4

Limitations 5

I. Introduction 6-12

Introduction to Personality Theory 6

What is a Theory 7

Why Different theories 11

II. Theories of Personality 12-116

Psychoanalytic Theory 12-25

Humanistic Theory 25-43

Trait and Factor Theories- Big Five Factors 43-57

Biological and Genetic Theories 58-62

Social Cognitive Theory 62-87

Holistic-Dynamic Theory 88-116

III. Conclusion 116-117

Final Thoughts 116 Summary 117

Back Matter 118

References 118


What makes people behave as they do? Are people ordinarily aware of what they are doing, or are their behaviors the result of hidden, unconscious motives? Are some people naturally good and others basically evil? Is human conduct largely a product of nature, or is it shaped mostly by environmental influences? Can people freely choose to mold their...