Portman Case Study

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- Q1: What is the Portman Hotel business model and what was the personal valet

arrangement trying to accomplish?

The Portman Hotel occurred when the management of the hotel impressed by approach of Asia style where they stayed at fine hotel for lower amount of money and where hospitality was higher according their culture. In the hotel industry since it lunched the business model was setting new standards. It was niche product, a revolution in guest service and style of service. The hotel obviously was small consist of 348 rooms and 21 floors. Each room were provided with the natural furniture and sufficiently elegant. The look had been described by Asian style. The hotels are niche, a revolution in quest service. Kind of the hotel was been mentioned before from Hong Kong when Portman spent some of his time over there. The base challenge has been to build a company providing high quality at affordable rated and to do these quickly in order to avoid strong competition. It has to have a higher-qualified staff because the hotel aimed to overwhelm quests by professionalism, cheerful and immediate repose to every request, as well should be "no rules" for quests. By this way of working they wanted to save memories for the visitors or quests. The group of employees most central to the Asian philosophy of service were the personal valets. Personal valets were like butlers: they were expected to provide comprehensive personal services for guests. No other American hotel had anything similar: the personal valets were to be a key competitive difference for the hotel. The key to the business strategy was providing unparalleled service. The hotel wanted to become most fulfilling, fun work experience that anyone on the staff has ever had. They wanted to be the best employer in San Francisco, to show their trust and pride in each person on their staff and to work in ways that help each person to grow, both personally and professionally.

Q2: Why wasn’t the original system...