Statement of Purpose

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Statement of Purpose

My name is Mr. Maidul Islam Rimon (PP No :) son of Mr. Abdul Haque and Mrs. Fatima Begum, Both citizen of Bangladesh.

I have passed SSC 2009 GPA-5.00 and HSC 2011 GPA-2.60 and then I have admitted to at Leading University, Sylhet for my Bachelor of Business Administration and continuing my study.

British University has the world class reputation. I am enthusiastic to pursue a suitable tertiary admission into a world renowned University for my undergraduate study, my skill and knowledge and eventual objective to take up research oriented career for mutual benefit. Trinity Saint Devid University (UK) – London Campus has a good reputation. UK education has regarded as one of the finest in the world. The excellent reputation has made UK a popular destination for Bangladeshi students and also for me.

I am interested to study in BA (Hons.) Business Management 3 years duration in Trinity Saint Devid University- London Campus. My IELTS result band score is 4.5 (Reading , Writing , Listening , Speaking)

I came from an educated family, to which higher education holds more priority than anything else in a human life. My Father is a businessman and able to provide all of my expense during my study in UK.

I believe studying in Trinity Saint Devid University– London Campus will give me a Global Exposure in the Field of Business profession that every student needs to have and would be an asset for me to invest for my future goal. TSD University has a peerless reputation for emphasizing practical knowledge and innovation for its students and promotes an excellent industry-institute relationship. I am confident that TSD University will help me to contribute positively to the ever-changing global industrial scenario.

I am looking to be a University Graduate and want to develop my skills and achieve my career as a Business Executive in a Multinational Company or Organization.

Sincerely yours,


Maidul Islam Rimon