Kambas Ng Lipunan

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“Sa Kambas ng Lipunan”

Screams, cries, and wails of the oppressed. These are the loudest sounds that are often neglected in our society. After watching the video clip, I felt a sudden pang that opened my eyes on what is really happening in our society. In a society that seemed to be acceptable but in reality, it is actually infected by a social cancer that has been prevailing around us that is vividly defined as poverty. The children`s individual stories does not seem much because it is so simple, but it is definitely deep because it speaks of and mirrors the ills of society. Their stories conveyed a message that made a big impact and delved to my inner self. It teaches me how to value and appreciate life. It touched me and made me realized that I am very fortunate of what I am enjoying right now. Moreover, it allures me to help those people who are in the state of paucity. A help that without my knowing could uplift a handful of small lives whose voices are often unheard and whose tiny dreams are shattered. And this aid that we must extend to them must not merely be an immersion or "saw-saw suka" just for us to experience the feel-good-effect because it is obviously not enough. Presence is the name of the game. Presence is what we are called for. And that`s what I`ve now finally realized and hoping that many others would also be so.