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Investment Analyst: Research before Recommendation Pepsi Co vs. Coca Cola


Accounting 557

Dr. Kazem

Strayer University

Due June 17th 2013


A Brief overview of my paper entitles a general overview of the history behind Coca Cola & Pepsi and an analysis based upon the two. The paper entitles the rationale examples of being in charge of a stock market analysis that has to be representing to a high class client, and determine the possible investment between the two companies. Before recommending investments to the clients’, I’ve provided facts and examples from stock trends, current events and a financial statement.


Coca Cola Vs Pepsi History

Since way back there has been an ultimate battle of two major players competing for the top spot in a massive global market. The cola and carbonated beverage industry reaches to virtually all corners of the planet, and the vast majority of the market share belongs to the two giants Coke and Pepsi. With such a huge market and enormous revenue potential in an industry such as this, it is no wonder that the Coke vs. Pepsi competition is so fierce. (Cokevspepsi.2012)

With Coke vs. Pepsi, nearly everyone has a preference or an opinion about which one is better. There is really no arguing the fact that the two soft drinks are very similar in terms of flavor. The flavor difference between them is subtle at most, so it is interesting that so may people have such strong feelings about which one is superior.

Global market analysis on the cola industry shows that Coca Cola typically has a slight advantage over Pepsi in market share. In some regions Pepsi is winning the war, however overall it seems that more people are choosing Coke versus Pepsi. Looking at a wide range of data shows that Coca Cola owns somewhere between 40-43% of the US market, while...