Phonics and Phenomic Awareness

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Phonics and Phonemic Awareness

Grand Canyon University: EED-470

5 July 2013

Research based elements of reading | Definition | Activities | Assessment |

Phonemic Awareness | The ability to identify, think about and manipulate sounds | Sit down rhyming words. As the class is walking around in a circle the educator will say rhyming words. When the educator says the word that does not rhyme students are to sit down | Observations: educator will observe students to see who was or was not able to identify the word that did not rhyme |

Phonics | Phonics instruction is the relationship between letter symbols and sounds | Beginning sounds bingo- the educator will say a word and the students will place a marker on the beginning sound if they have it. | Class discussion and observations- after the game is finished students will discuss the beginning sounds that were in the game. Educator will walk around the class to see if the students are correctly placing the markers |

Vocabulary | Working with and learning words in order to communicate in an effective manner | Seek and find- students will look for their vocabulary words located within the puzzle | Quiz- students will be tested to see if they can correctly spell their vocabulary words |

Fluency | Fluency instruction consist of teaching students to read accurately and quickly | Model fluent reading- educator will read a story to the class. The students will then take turns reading a story to a buddy. | Dibels- students will individually take the standardized assessment Dibels. Educator will check for fluency and accuracy |

Comprehension | Comprehension is the ability for a reader to understand what they are reading | Picture writing- each student will be given a buddy and a picture. Students will discuss their picture with each other. Each student will write a sentence about their picture | Observation, questioning and answering, written work sample. Students will be observed as they work...