A Man for All Seasons

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There is a constant clash between one’s morality and immorality in the play. Discuss.

Every person on this planet is unique in some way. We all have ways to identify ourselves from the masses. For some people it’s a talent that they possess, for others the way they dress. Some people define themselves by wealth and power whereas others tend to use their morals and or religious beliefs. In the play,’ A Man for All Seasons ‘(Robert Bolt), Sir Thomas More is just such a person. Thomas More is the chancellor for King Henry VIII and is a very religious man. Early in the play it becomes clear that the play will revolve around More and his morals. We learn that King Henry VIII plans to divorce his brother s widow Queen Catherine because she has not borne him a son. Things become complicated when Henry finds that the Pope will not grant him a divorce. Henry decides that he will divorce the church and start his own, the Church of England where he can be the supreme leader, and dissolve his marriage. Though a minor character in the place, the Common Man can be considered an immoral as he played many roles in gathering information and knowledge on More ; it can be said that the Common Man was leading More to his death as he was man that was spying on More. In the end, he was the one that was in charge of executing Sir Thomas More. On the other hand, Rich is a character known in the play as an immoral man as he does everything and anything into to get employed and get a job position like More. Hence, he became one of his friends as he wanted More to employ him and know him However, More had seen through his character and dared not to as Rich is an immoral, selfish and greedy man. This had led to Rich to betray More as Cromwell had given him what he had wanted. Through the play, More had constantly been tempted and persuaded to agree with the King’s divorce. But because he is a heavily devoted religious man, he followed his conscious and constantly deny their divorce for...