Negative Effects of School Restrictions on Students

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Jason Park

English Composition & Conversation


Negative effects of School Restrictions on Students

Recently, an in-school liberalization plan of hair and dress code was announced by the GyeongGi Province’s chief educator. As soon as this package was introduced, officials of the Ministry Of Education said they would watch the new experiment with a dose of skepticism, while education boards of other local entities are also paying attention. Still, there is still much controversy surrounding this issue, and each side had made no concession. However, I believe that we should ease up the arbitrary restrictions on the hair and clothes of students. Even though restrictions might make classes and schools more organized, controls over hair and clothes are not appropriate because they infringe on the freedom of expression of students, their procedures provoke plenty of conflicts between students and teachers, and the price-fixing of the big uniform brands makes it hard for low-income students to purchase a uniform.

Most importantly, mandatory hair length restriction and dress code is a violation of the human rights of students in pursuing their own interest and personality. All types of act aimed at changing the length of students' hair should be only done with their consent. If not, it violates human rights. The indisputable fact is that constitutional law absolutely guarantees personal liberty embodied in the fact that students do have a taste and sense about their own style. When we ask for an explanation for restrictions from the school, the most “reasonable” account is, “that’s what ideal students do”. However, students are not studying machines but in the first place human beings.

Not only the constraints themselves, but also their application causes large numbers of conflicts between teachers and students. Every time teachers restrict hair length and check whether students are wearing the uniform properly or not, an awful atmosphere...