Report on Current Status of E-Banking in Bangladesh

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Sultana Akter

Lecturer of Management Information System

Department of Business Administration (IIUC)

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Afsana Alam Tanima B-111290

Tasneem Rahman B-111301

Jakia Jabin B-111291

Course Title: Management Information System

Course Code: MIS-3501

Date of Submission: 2/06/2013

Table of Contents

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 Origin of the study

 Objective of the study

 Methodology

 Limitations of the study 3


Overview on E banking

 E banking

 Different forms of e-banking

 Economic Aspect of E-Banking in Bangladesh

 Advantages of e-banking in Bangladesh 4-7


Current status of E-banking in Bangladesh

 Present status of e-banking in Bangladesh

 E-banking product available in Bangladesh

 Dutch Bangla Bank Limited as a pioneer



Problems and Prospects of E-banking in Bangladesh

 Limitation and Constraint of online banking system in Bangladesh

 Prospect of e banking 19-22


Recommendations and conclusion

 Recommendations

 Conclusion 22-24

 Sources of data

 Executive summary



Origin of the study:

This report is prepared for Sultana Akter course instructor of “Management Information System (MIS-3501)” Department of Business Administration at International Islamic University Chittagong as a partial requirement of the course. Our course instructor has assigned the students of the BBA 5th semester to make a report on any topic which is related with Management Information System (MIS). We have choose to make a report on “The current status of E banking in Bangladesh”

Objective of the Study

There are several objectives to conduct the study. These are:

 To fulfill the partial requirement of the Course.

 To gather adequate knowledge about present status, problems and prospect of E-banking in Bangladesh.

 Enhance individual performance.

 To improve our skills on report writing.