How About Iron Protection Function of Spring Cone Crusher

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Spring cone crusher is widely used in metallurgy, building materials, mining, chemical and other industries, can be for iron ore, copper ore, limestone, quartz, granite, sandstone, etc in moderate or above medium hardness material, finely homework.In the standard is applicable to be broken, medium and short head type is suitable for fine grinding.

Spring cone crusher is mainly composed of shell, shell, inner cone plate (red part), outer cone plate (red part), locking spring, spindle, size, transmission gear, etc.Run motor drive pinion, pinion drive wheel, wheel drive spindle and dynamic cone rotation, which is the same as we have talked about the working principle of spring cone crusher.

Iron protection function of spring cone crusher is in the following: spring cone broken shell - 2 on the parts and the shell is through the spring and bolt connection between. Bolt was NingJin spring is compressed, the compression force make the shell - 2 parts between the shell and tighten up.When the hard material or iron into the crushing cavity, produce very big rise between shell and the shell opening force, this force can be further compressed spring, so as to make the shell and the shell open, also makes the inside and outside cone liningThe secret of history old photos can't say thatCixi between Ming dynasty and early qing warlords cultural revolution in late qing dynastyOr iron plate spacing, will hard objects.So the function of the spring is broken overload protection cone,So called spring cone crusher.

Spring cone broken parts and the shell shell - 1-2 parts is rib of the connection, by rotating parts on the shell - 1 can adjust its height from top to bottom, is the adjustment of the indirect outer and inner cone cone plate spacing between the lining board. On the adjustment of the shell 1 part is used a special hydraulic cylinder and ratchet mechanism completed (also useful motor with a small gear adjusting way). Then you should pay attention to that the spring...