Steps in Billing Process

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The medical billing process is a process in which by medical billing specialist to provide maximum, payments for medical services that are provided. The medical billing process contains ten steps and these steps are made up of three categories: The visit, the claim, and post claim.

During the visit steps one through four occurs. Pre-registering the patient is the first step. This where an appointment is scheduled and updates are made to pre-register the patient. Collection of all information such as, insurance and demographics on the patient is collected during this visit. Reason for the visit is provided at this time. Determining the patient’s financial responsibility is the second step. If the patient has insurance coverage verification of patients eligibility must be made .The patient is responsible to pay whatever percent of the bill that the insurance does not cover and if no insurance is provided the patient is responsible for the cost of all services that have been provided.

The third step of the process is checking the patient in. New patients are required to provide medical insurance if available and medical information is collected for the patients’ file. If patient is a returning patient then information is verified and if any information is incorrect or has changed then it is then updated. Photocopies of Drivers licenses and insurance cards are taken and filed in the patients’ record. If there are any Co-payments that need to be made are they are paid before or after the visit depending on policy and procedures of the doctor’s office.

Review coding compliance is the fourth step in this process. Medical codes are used for billing purposes, all visits, diagnoses, and treatments .These codes are used to help insurance specialists with procedures and diagnoses to update patients file and submit the proper claims to the insurance companies.

The claims category is the second category in the billing process. In this...