Case Study- Eagles Manufacturing

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a. Eagle Manufacturing is in business to make a profit. Supply Manager is responsible for company’s bottom-line.

b. Supply Management team is responsible for managing issues between operations, plant maintenance, and the management team.

c. Morale issues within Ted’s team regarding pay. Senior buyer has submitted his resignation.

d. Operations ran out of parts.

(1) Problem with communications between operations, material control, marketing and supply management office.

e. Part quality is causing production problems.

(1) Is attrition rate in new production processes a problem?

f. There may not be enough money to purchase the new robot.

(1) The quotation from the one source of supply is $1.7 million more than the funds obligated to its purchase.

(2) Mix-up regarding the estimated cost.

(3) Company forced to purchase sole source due to seven-month delivery and operational date.

f. The janitorial services contractor did not wash the windows properly.

(1) Contractual provisions and poorly written work specifications.

g. Reproduction Paper jamming and causing machine downtime.

(1) Lower quality paper due to budget cuts


a. What steps can be taken to implement better communications between the Supply Management Chain?

b. Based on the issues with the robot estimate, the substandard parts and paper, operations running out of parts and the janitorial services contract, what training can be implemented in the Supply Management Office to ensure that these things do not occur in future operations?

c. How can the morale of the supply management team be improved?

d. What steps can be taken to encourage backward planning on major purchases so there is enough time to compete procurements so that the company does not have to rely on only one source of supply due to a time crunch.

e. What steps can be taken to order parts to ensure quality and that parts are on hand for production?

f. What should be done to...