Gender Identity

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Current Arguments and Gender identity

Rajpreeti Grewal



Edward Olesky

Current Arguments and Gender identity

The Determination of gender identity is much deeper than what we think ,whether a person is born a male or female ,researchers believe that genetics ,hormones reproductive organs & biological factors all play a role in differentiating a person’s identity. The paper will discuss how interactions between hormones and behavior affect determination of gender identity, the roles of biological factors nature and nurture which is greater and last discuss the latest arguments about sexual identity and how biopsychology can help resolve it.

We define ourselves by our gender it can be direct or indirect ,our gender is the important aspect which determines so many parts of our lives and gender is what establishes our characteristics and how we operate in our society(Baca2008). There fore gender identity shapes our lives through parental and social stereotypes and as children we also learn our gender identities and what is expected from us. .Gender identity can be defined as a person’s inner sense of being a male or female and is most likely developed in our early child hood as a result of how are parents raised us and societal effects .

This is a big question we can ask ourselves , have we evolved and learnt & adapted to the gender roles based on the survival of our ancestors. In the early part of the 20th century discoveries by Mendel and Darwin made theorists believe that evolutions and genetics are the main source of identity (Fawley2008).It has also been stated that both nature and nurture have a distinct effect on factors , but are not limited to intelligence and social identity.

As stated there is a greater influence from environmental rather than from biological process, but biological factors does create the sex of the individual but also that there are many similarities rather than differences between the two genders...