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The business plan I selected was the Real Estate Website Business Plan. I chose this because it interests me a great deal and I am currently in the field. Looking at the strengths, the company has experienced leaders to start up and run its operations. It has Hall Properties Realty, Inc. which has been in business over 18 years and with that will have the experience necessary to start up on a positive note. As for the business model it appears to be a well thought out one. They plan to provide a wide assortment of services within the site which will for the most part eliminate the travel and over expenses of the traditional real estate agent. Looking at the product being offered it can be beneficial to the home buying consumer. In today’s real estate industry agents email listings to buyers which they only have access to, may have very few pictures, and ultimately the buyer still has go out and look at the property. With this business plan a buyer can do what they already do from the convenience of their home and now search for their new home.

Looking at the market segments are targeted correctly with the seasoned agent and struggling real estate broker. As for product it has a good marketing mix because it incorporates a lot in one central location. As for marketing skills of the personnel, it would probably be a good idea to hire a team of market strategist and online marketers to help with marketing. The overall operations appears to be ok, however, they could stand to have a customer service location. The idea for the 24 hour support is a good idea though. As for the sales force they will all be trained so this eliminates the training of sales. The agents will have to learn the software used, however, there isn’t a need for standardized training classes which eliminates overhead cost. What’s lacking is human resource competencies for the...