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Reflective Essay #1

My subordinates would describe me as a “free leader”, meaning I give them the freedom to accomplish any given task the way they want to unless it has to be accomplished a specific way. If they get to a point where they need help they can come ask me and I will give advice to help get the task moving along again. The only time I will step in is if I see that the task is moving off track heading towards a train wreck. Additionally I will not instruct my airmen to do something that I haven’t or will not do.

My supervisor would describe me as a great follower. When I am given a task to accomplish I follow through and make sure it is completed with little to no follow up from my supervisor. Usually the only thing they will ask is if the task got accomplished and if not what is holding it up.

I have a democratic leadership style. I believe it is effective because I have gotten to know the Airmen in my shop and I know what all they can bring to the table. In my mind it makes the rest of the group feel more involved with the planning and execution of the task. For instance we had a training day come up and while scheduling the day all my Airmen had an input on what was going to get taught that day because they were going to be the ones training the rest of the shop on those items.

I am a decent NCO, not the worst and not the best. I try to get to know all of my subordinates and leadership on a more personal level so I am not just giving/receiving orders to carry out. Sometimes I might get a little too friendly where an Airmen might think it’s alright to slack off and not take what I told them to do seriously. No matter what there is always room for improvement.

My supervisor would describe me as a decent NCO also. When it’s time I do have control of my Airmen and we will always work as a team and get the task accomplished. Then again when there is not a time crunch I always give my Airmen the freedom to complete any given task at whatever pace they...