Career Management Plan

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Employee Career Management Plan



Week 4


Career management planning systems should focus on achieving employee behavior and attitudes that support the vision of the organization and have a positive impact on the employees’ career. The employee bears the majority of the responsibility for the successful management of their careers however; the supervisors mentoring and guidance also plays a pivotal role in the success of all employees’. Often times many employees mismanage their careers simply because they are unprepared or unwilling to take on this task. An effective career management program will help the company achieve its business goals and objectives. This starts by identifying the knowledge, performance, and skills to meet the needs of the customer through performance appraisals. EnviroTech’s career development plan will encompass the following key areas:


Conducting regular performance appraisals will provide employees feedback on how well they perform their duties so they can adjust their behavior to meet the company’s goals. Feedback comprises attempts to identify and solve problems the company may be faced with. The sessions should also give the employee an opportunity to challenge their evaluations and communicate any concerns they may have.

Advancement opportunities and promotions

Employees should strive to constantly expand their skills and knowledge to remain competitive among their peers. Advancement opportunities and promotions should be utilized as incentive programs to motivate employees to enhance their skills. Employees must be resourceful and think strategically to maneuver the corporate ladder successfully. Promotions will give the employees greater challenges and responsibilities and possibly open the doors for further advancement opportunities.

Dual career parents

Maintaining a career as a parent can be very challenging. Both parents in...