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A Clear and Logical Sentence A clear and correct sentence is easily understood. The statement that is inherent in every sentence conveys facts and ideas that usually answer certain essential questions posed by the five W’s and the one H. Who? What? Where? When? Why? and How? A. Thousands of people jam lotto outlets throughout Metro Manila every Wednesday and Saturday in a last minute rush to buy tickets for the day’s draw.

• Who jam the lotto outlets ? Where are these outlets? When does this happen? What do the people want to buy?

B. Anybody can be a millionaire by winning the lotto jackpot.

• Who can be a millionaire? How can anybody be a millionaire?

If the sentence gives confusing answers, it should be rewritten. The sentence must be clear, direct, logical. A sentence with mixed ideas not only confuses the reader but also blurs the main point. Therefore, you may have to spot what exactly is the main idea and delete the irrelevant details. Cause and Effect Relationship Confusion may arise when two unrelated ideas are mixed together in one sentence.

• It’s time to dust off those bathing suits or swimming trunks because summer is here and the terrorist are back.

(There is no connection between the coming of summer and the return of the terrorist.)

• If you see her, she is beautiful.

(This implies that if you do not see her, she is not beautiful.) Sweeping Statements These are statements that make use of faulty generalizations with the use of words as all, always, never. Example: Some Filipinos have become so ultra-modern today that they now favor living-in or trial marriage. Corrected: Some Filipinos, especially the youth, have become so ultra-modern today that they now favor living-in or trial marriage. Use of Idioms and Figurative Language The use of clinch in an effort to be colorful may lead to non-originality or a dead language. What is worse is when it results in confusion and creates utter misunderstanding between...