Personal Values

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Personal Values

Annie Walker

University of Phoenix

Personal Values


The purpose of this document is to provide an analysis on Personal Values. This document attempts to provide a description of the Personal Values, there importance in decision making and how those align with Kudler Find Foods business.

What are Personal Values

People share a commons set of values. However, values that are more important to a person is based on his/her personal values. A set of personal values for each individual are a result of their upbringing, their moral beliefs and their life experiences. Some of the commonly considered key values are as follows.


True honesty implies not just telling the truth but believing in it and taking actions accordingly, even if those actions are detrimental to one's self interest.


True honesty breeds integrity in a person. “The most basic definition emphasizes honesty and consistency between a person’s

values and behavior.” (Yuki G., 2006, pp. 420).

Hard Work

An individual's success is directly related to the hard work that individual puts in. Without hard work there is no success. Hence, hard work is a key personal value.

Results Oriented

“A key to success and achievement in life is to insure that the activities you are engaged leads to a constructive, useful purpose. Those who value real results from actions they take make far greater use of their time, leading to higher levels of success and achievement in life.” (Posner R., pp. 9-10)

Equality and Respect for others

Respect for other individuals and treating them equally can generate good will. This in turn will help increase achievements of the group. To be a good leaders, a individual must have these key qualities.

Concerns for others

An individual who shows concern for others and acts on those concerns is highly regarded by his colleagues and peers. A leader that show lack of concern for his employees is bound to create resentment...