Film and Popular Cinema

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Title: Film and Popular Cinema

Name: Jordan Miller

Course: ART 101

Due Date: Friday, August 27, 2010

Instructor: Tina LePage


What I believe the difference to be between film and popular cinema is that film is more particularly dedicated to the art form of motion pictures. Popular cinema is made to better suit what the director, producers, and actors/actresses consider as audience entertainment. Popular cinema is designed around selling tickets and making money at the expense of catering to the demands of global audiences. Film was created and designed around the concept of transforming the art of still photography into an entirely new form of art, the moving picture. Film has never been made for the sole purpose of catering to what audiences crave. Films have always been made from the artistic point of view of the director, producers, and writers.

An example of popular cinema is any of the Twilight movies. They are movies produced from the novels written by Stephenie Meyer. The first movie was a huge success, making audience demand for a sequel a high priority of the producers and distribution companies. The same result came of the sequel and they made the third. Originally, the deal was to make a movie for each book, but if the movies did not succeed in the box office the projects would have been terminated. As, a matter of fact, it is so successful that the last movie based on the last book has been split in half to make two more subsequent movies instead of one.

An example of a film is one called An Inconvenient Truth directed by Davis Guggenheim. It is an independent documentary of former Vice President Al Gore’s campaign to bring the global warming issue back into worldwide focus. This film was obviously not created to cater to audiences need for action, violence, comedy, or cinematic greatness. This is what a film is all about.