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Student’s Declaration

I do hereby declare that the work presented is this Internship Report titled “General Banking Activities of Sonali Bank Ltd.” has been performed by me under the guidance of Sultan Ahmed, Associate Professor, Bangladesh Islami University in fulfillment of requirements for the award of Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) and has not been previously submitted to any other University/ Collage/ Organization/ Certification/ Diploma or Degree.

I further embark on to cover the department against any loss or damage arising out of the breach of the fore going obligation.


MD. Ashaduzzaman sarker

ID No.102-11-1517

Batch: 26th

Major in Finance

Dep. of Business Administration

Daffodil International University

Official Certification

This is to certify that the report is prepared as an out come of the internship titled “General Banking Activities of Sonali Bank Ltd.”. The student has engaged his all out efforts to maintain the highest stands in all spheres of carrying out the study.

As such the report has been prepared by MD. Ashaduzzaman Sarker bearing Identification Number 102-11-1 5 17, 26th Batch of BBA Program has been with gratification.

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Executive Summary

Sonali Bank is the largest commercial bank as well as the largest employer in both the public and private sector in Bangladesh. The bank is playing an important role in the socio-economic development through the development of industrial sector. The bank provides all the conventional banking service as well as some specialized financing activities to the economy. In fine we can say the profitability of the bank was comparatively satisfactory because the fluctuation is not highly significant. The bank has been converted to a Public Limited Company with 100% ownership of the government and started functioning as Sonali Bank Limited from November 15, 2007 taking over all assets, liabilities and business of Sonali Bank....