The Winning Team

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The Winning Team

Shelia Williams


August 19, 2009

Renee Columbus

The Winning Team

Working as a leader in the workplace occasionally calls for teamwork. One way to enhance my projected goals is through teamwork. Teamwork is very important in today’s society. In order to be a team member, I must acquire active listening and communication skills. I will hold myself accountable to embrace and empower every member of the team. The ability to achieve a common goal in the workplace will take teamwork, networking, honesty and flexibility (Keirsey, 1998- 2010). The workforce is made up of teams such as, management, team leaders, the laboratory, supervisors, audit teams and safety teams.

This paper will provide information on how the learning team charter and members will create opportunities for the classroom and workplace. Each team member is working together for many goals. Making the workplace the best will require many different groups and many ideas to improve, enhance, and empower the team and workers.

In the workplace one must identify opportunities to succeed with teamwork. The steps to an effective team include:

• Commitment to the goals

• Clearly defined roles

• Accountability for team responsibilities

• Conflicts may occur, and possessing the ability to resolve issues quickly is important

• Developing ground rules are necessary to avoid problems or issues

• Always communicate clearly and use visual aids for assistance

• Everyone must be engaged to the vision or goals for the objective to be obtainable

• Feedback should be given in a constructive manner and never judgmental (Keirsey, 1998- 2010).

• The group should seek advice and support from team members on any issues or concerns.

A Leader’s abilities will become more effective in the business world with skills from the learning team. The personality type will help...