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Marketing Management Business Marketing Plan

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Ultra Green Light Bulb

Celaine Harrington

Term 0806D

Prof. Jon Hokama



Marketing Plan Introduction

Coming soon to a retailer near you, General Electric introduces the Ultra Green light bulb. This light bulb focuses on the “green” aspect that is so important to the earth today. The bulb is not made of glass but a high-density recycled plastic that has been treated and is heat safe. General Electric is one of the world’s best-known industrial product manufacturers. The company is an innovator in every market that it penetrates.

As the marketing manager, I will find ground breaking ways to enter this Ultra Green light bulb into the mainstream retail outlets. I will be responsible for packaging design, commercial and print advertising as well as pricing strategies and structure.

I will be reviewing data from our current product lines as well as our competitors. All pricing structures will be reviewed for these lines as well. We will also take surveys from potential customers to see what they may pay for such a product that will save them in energy costs and that they have to purchase less often.

This product is interesting because it promotes the “green” theme so prevalent during this time of energy conservation. It again will prevent consumers from having to purchase light bulbs as often as the normal light bulb. It will allow conservation of energy during daily use. It is also made from recycled plastic bags, milk cartons and plastic bottles which allows waist to be reused easing up waste in landfills.

We are looking to initially market the Ultra Green light bulb domestically to gauge sales, then open sales up to the global market. Once the bulbs go global, we plan to have styles to fit all lamp types and receptacles.

The key customer market for this product...