Comm 470 Week 1-Dq 1 - Chapter 1 of Electronic Commerce 2008 Introduces a Number of Distinctions Between Different Types of Organizations and Activities Related to the Virtual Economy—E-Commerce Versus E-Business, for

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WK 1 DQs

Please respond to each question (in the body of the email, not as an attachment) by 11:59 PM Friday, Arizona time. Each response is 150 - 200 words.  Be sure to use the correct thread and change the subject line to include your name.  Only use your name in the subject line of your initial DQ. When responding to others, change the subject line to reflect your message.

DQ 1

Chapter 1 of Electronic Commerce 2008 introduces a number of distinctions between different types of organizations and activities related to the virtual economy—e-commerce versus e-business, for example. How and where are these distinctions useful?

So first, we need to define the differences between e-business and e-commerce. e-business involves email, texting, instant messaging, video conferencing, e-faxing, online collaboration, marketing, advertising. e-commerce involves an exchange of monetary funds, bartering, or some form of formal exchange.

Where we used to stand in front of a fax machine, listen to the dial tone, and wait for the confirmation, today we simply attach the document to an outbound message, click the button and the fax is gone. E-fax.

Today I telecommute to work. This means I no longer get dressed for work, get in my car, wait in traffic, and search in vain for parking. I simply boot up the computer and join a conference room. Naturally, I have to get dressed up (above the waist).

Today, I do not have to visit XXX stores to get my groceries, a new suite, drop off my prescription, and grab a good book. All I have to do is log on to the internet and shop for my groceries (they will be delivered to my front door), visit Macys online and get a new outfit, scan my prescription bottle to renew my prescription, and search for a new book on nook to download and read on my tablet.

These changes and distinctions are useful because in some instances they allow businesses to compete on equal ground, leveling the playing fields, which allows small business to compete...