Health Care System in Turmoil

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Health Care System in Turmoil

Valerie Middleton


Jared Rutledge



Health Care System in Turmoil

The prevention, treatment, and management of illnesses in America are now in a commotion and the reason is because of the cost of care and patient access. There are approximately 50 or more million people in America that are without insurance today. In March of 2010 a country wide health care charge called The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was passed. It seemed to offer solutions to some of the major issues facing our health care system. June of 2012, this new health care law or tax was challenged in the U. S. Supreme on the Constitutionality of the bill with proponents wanted the Act repealed. A few weeks later the Supreme Court gave its answer, which was the law or tax is Constitutional and upheld it as tax. One of the biggest issues to this Act was the part where all Americans have to be insured by someone or be penalized, but the final analysis of this big issue turns out to be there really is no form of payment or fee for any American who may choose not to purchase health insurance (Becker & Dunn, 2012).

This national health care tax is supposed to be an answer to most of our health care insurance issues. Although most people agree that our health care system is in turmoil and needs to be reformed, some people do not agree that the solution is a national health care tax. Americans seem to be even more upset over the cost and access to care even more than the quality of care that is given. It is amazing to note that most Americans when asked what they think the most important health care issue facing the United States, the cost and access to care remains the most common response. (Newport, Jones, & Saad, 2012).


Americans living in...