Front Office Management in the 21st Centuary

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Front Office in the 21st Century- its Functions, Procedures, Equipment and Technology


As part of my Front office management course I am studying the module front office operations. As part of our course we have been asked to do an assignment ‘front office in the 21st Centaury’’. As part of this assignment I plan to look at many areas in the front office. I hope to have an improved knowledge of the procedures, functions Equipment and technology. I also what to take a look at what exactly does the front office personel do? I plan to look at previous assignments on the front office, research the internet, and reflect on my time spent as a receptionist 10 years ago and to look at how things are in that Hotel today as a receptionist.

What is the Front Office?

The front office is used to cover a range of sections which deal with reservations, payments, billing, front desk, room allocation

The Front office department and the Accommodation department combine to become the rooms division.

The receptionist is to act as the public face of the hotel, primarily by greeting hotel patrons and checking in guests.

Front office staff and there Guest.

The first contact that the guest makes is usually with the switchboard. It is vital that the call is answered promptly. Generally the call will be transferred to the reservations department depending on the size of the Hotel and if there is even a reservations department.

When the Guest arrives at the hotel, sometimes they are greeted by the porter who will carry there bags or park car. The Guest will then check in at reception . The receptionist usually gives them a reservation card to fill out which usually has t