Sci/275 Conservation and Preservation

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Conservation and Preservation


August 27, 2010

When it comes to conservation and preservation there is a distinct separation of the two. The major difference between them is that conservation is the sensible use of the natural resources by maintaining the sustainability of those resources for our future generation(s). For example, in order to do so; for every tree that gets cut down a few more should be planted to take its place. This should be done in advance to cutting down trees so we can replenish our losses. In contrast, preservation is there in order to maintain nature and our resources in their present state; leaving them untouched by civilization.

I think that given more research, humans can find a way to harvest forest resources in an environmentally friendly way. In the future I see us either finding new natural resources or developing new technology to remove natural resources without disturbing the environment and its habitants.

In the case of Bridger Teton Wilderness, I do not believe we should leave the area open for exploration for oil and gas. I think that we would destroy our national forests by allowing it. If we were to start exploration and were to find oil, this would mean that the wildlife would have to be destroyed in order to keep searching.

So in conclusion, I would have to say I am inclined to the preservation side of this argument. We really need to think about our future generations and what we want to have in place for them. We need to find a new solution to our problem for now and in the future, so no one will ever have to go without.