Renewable Energy Construction in Poland 2014 Development Forecasts and Planned Investments

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Report This Essay include new market research report" Renewable Energy Construction in Poland 2014 Development Forecasts and Planned Investments " to its huge collection of research reports.

What is the current value of the renewable energy construction sector in Poland? How large is the current infrastructure in terms of MW? Which of the investments currently in the planning stages exhibit the highest potential for production and profit? Which types of new regulations will soon affect this market due to implementation of Poland’s RES Act? Which obstacles to investment completion exist in this market? Which regions in Poland will become beneficiaries of new renewable power source construction ventures?

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Renewable energy construction in Poland, Development forecasts and planned investments answers all of these questions and many more. This comprehensive document supplies information and analysis with regard to planned new construction and renovation projects of Polish facilities that produce energy using solar, wind, water, biomass and biogas.

It describes current and upcoming investments by fuel source and evaluates the effects of market trends on project completion. Poland’s imminent RES Act is examined in detail with regard to expected effects of regulatory changes on market conditions and prospects.

This valuable publication contains a discussion of obstacles specific to this market and profiles the companies that have found strategic ways to overcome these impediments. It offers the regional locations of all projects related to renewable energy construction in the Polish market and estimates the areas that will benefit most economically.

In addition to in-depth coverage of the investment environment in this sector, this report looks at Polish energy production – specifically the...