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Professional Development Plan

Arthur Grimes

LDR 531

November 26, 2013

Thomas Vincent

Professional Development Plan

The first thing that a leader must consider when dealing with his staff, is the proper way to effectively administer professional development that will invigorate and enhance the daily tasks of the staff. To effectively gear professional development to your staff you must be aware of their personalities and what drives them in their daily works. Many personality tests can be used to figure this out including Myers-Briggs and DiSC assessment. For my learning team we used the DiSC assessment, my team of Kerri, Alesha, Minnie, and Shakira all took the test and the following paragraphs will discuss their results.

First my assessment proved that I was IC which means Inducement Compliance. It is politely titled the “impresser” this person is high in “I” scores which means they influence others by talking and tend to be driven emotionally. People with high “C” scores tend to stay in the lines and adhere to regulations and rules. This score is pretty accurate of me as I am very influencing to the numerous teams and organizations that I partake in as well as like to stay guided by the rules and by-laws of those organizations and teams.

My teammate Kerri is also “IC” thus making her the same type of person as me. Since our first class we have been on the same team because we are very compatible. As an employee she would be an extreme asset and would help me in motivating my staff. Our methods would be in driving the staff to feel the job and make it a personal drive for them.

Alesha scored a “CI” on the assessment thus making her the assessor of the staff. She believes in the same things but tends to stick to the rules more than myself. She would be an awesome asset to my time as my human resources director. Knowing the rules and being cogniscent of the structure she would help me stay in line with the structure of our company. Her being cautious...