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DATA: October 13, 2009

SUBJECT: Diversity in Corporate America Analysis

The United States is a racially and ethnically diverse country. People with different cultures and backgrounds come from all over the world to work and live in this free and democratic land. The article Managing Diversity in Corporate America from Marquis J.P points out that manages diversity has become a primary concern of top U.S. corporations. The article explains that behind this challenge there is an opportunity for companies to achieve better performance in this diverse corporate environment through leadership commitment, internal communication and creating diversity structure (Marquis, 2008). This article proposes an interesting perspective.

Authors’ Viewpoints

The authors mentioned that the workforce diversity programs positively affect a company’s bottom line by increasing the skill base and range of talent among employees because companies that recruit from a wider pool of candidates (Hubbard, 2004). The minority employees at firms with such programs are more likely to be satisfied and stay with the company, reducing turnover.

My Analysis

From my point of view, the companies simply desiring "diversity" will not automatically solve all organizational problems. Following are problems we will face:

• Businesses are growing in the awareness that they have a history of homogenized hiring and they are feeling pressure to do something about it.

• Once we decide to diversify the staff, should we diversify by race, gender, religion or disability.

• The other challenge with diversity is implementation. When a job is posted, the organization doesn't know who will apply. So do they actively recruit certain types of people?

• Granted, an organization can diversify how they advertise, but they still don't have any control over applicants. Once people apply, should they hire someone who is less qualified...