How to Adapt to Your Audiences

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How to adapt your audience when your writing business messages

Adapting to your audience :

“being sentatives to audience needs”

Using the “you” attitude pg.124

The you attitude is the best implemented by expressing your msg in terms of the audience’s interests and needs

Consider audience needs and want

Don’t focus on “you” when delivering the message

Using the you attitude sounds overly authoritative or accusing

Be sure to consider the attitudes of other culture and the policies of your organization

Some culture take offensive when you single ones persons achievement becase the whole team is responsible for the outcome that’s when you use the we us attitude

Some companies have a tradition of avoiding references to you and I in most messages and reports

Overall avoid using the you and yours attitude because when you do so it 1]makes you sound dictatorial

2]could make someone else feel unnecessarily guilty 3]is inappropriate for the culture

And 5]goes against your organizations style

Maintaining standards of etiquette pg.135

Good etiquette not only indicates respect for your audience but also elps foster a more successful environment for communication by minimizing negative emotional reaction

When your communicating with people who outrank you or with people outside your organization, and added measure with courtesy is usually needed

Written communication and most forms of electric media generally require more tact than oral communication. When your speaking your words are soften by your tone of voice and facial expressions plus you can adjust your approach according to the feedback you get.

Although you may be tempted now and then to be brutally frank, try to express the facts in a kind and thoughtful manner

Emphazing the positive pg.125

You can communicate negative news without being negative

Sensitive communicators understand the difference between delivering negative news and being negative. Never try to hide the negative news, but...